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BHAVISHYA KEY FEATURES The Most Essential Mechanism for Great Society breaths in Building Prodigious Education and Occupation. Muditva Works Closely to Enhance Excellence of Learning and Eliminating Disparity at both Institutional & Organization Level though Auxiliary System.

Repository Scholars are Empowered Through all Work & Academic Records Digitalization & Building High Repository System with Cross Improvement of Digitalized Data with Respective Boards, Universities & Organizations. Complete Background Verification & “Verified” Cap to Prioritize at Hiring Process Building Verified & Authenticated Repository System

Opportunity Filterable Fresh Database – “Verified” Unique Access to Participating Companies For Direct Job Postings & Free Accessible Direct Job Information to Candidates with “One Click” Apply. Weekly Digest on Job Postings. Filtered, on Interest, Skill, Eligibility Based Weekly Digest on Scholarships, Unique BCS for Easy Tracking & Up to Date Profile

Enrich Free Workshops to Enrich Skill Set & Numerous Programs In Connotation with Several Reputed Institutions & Organizations along with Career Counseling & Assistance in CV Preparation. High Priority Incubation Centre to take the Idea High, Assisting In Fine-Tuning the Best Ideas & Present to Various Institutions & Investors.

EXTREMELY COMITTED Muditva’s aim is "to contribute to the further development by co-operating with Students, Scholars, Experts and organizations applying the results of its thought process and Simplifying the Most Vital – But Complex System". In order to meet accountability requirements demanded in recent years, and as a part of industrial-academic co-operation and contribution, Bhavishya was introduced. Bhavishya is a collaborative venture among the members of the Muditva with a Distinctive Storage Task (DST) with Organizations, Independent College and Universities in anticipation of future participation. DST will be housed in an environmentally controlled, carefully inventoried and secure high density facility & administratively hosted.

WHAT IS BHAVISHYA? Unless the ‘career’ is carefully charted, education’s value is lost. At Nexus, we not only guide students to plan their education, but also direct their ideas towards career planning, which is the ultimate goal for them.

REPOSITORY SYSTEM. Scholars are Empowered Through all Work & Academic Records Digitalization and Building High Repository System Digitalizing all Academic and Work Records - On a Secured Server.

ORGANIZATIONAL ACCESS Unique Access to Participating Companies For Direct Job Postings and Free Accessible Direct Job Information to Candidates and “One Click” Apply

SCHOLARSHIPS Weekly Digest on Scholarships, of Various Kind and Direct Apply Information.

UNIQUE IDENTITY Centralized Unique Identity – Filterable: Merit, Skill, Region & Suitability System.

SPECIAL PARTNERS Whopping 4000+ Participating Companies from All Major Verticals – IT, INFRA, FMGC, Telecom & Many

IMPROVEMENT Cross Improvement of Digitalized Work and Academic Records with Respected Boards, Universities & Organizations..

VERIFIED Complete Background Verification & “Verified” Cap to Prioritize at Hiring Process.

SPECIAL ACCESS Special Access to Educational & Career Advancement Fairs / Programs.

OPPORTUNITY Weekly Digest on Job Postings. Filtered, on Interest, Skill, Eligibility Based.

ENRICH Free Workshops to Enrich Skill Set & Numerous Programs In Connotation with Several Reputed Institutions & Organizations.

STUDY ABROAD Muditva has professionals who have versatile qualifications and experience to suggest right career options and also provide necessary inputs on the opportunities, scope and prospects.

SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE Foundations/Trusts and Organizations offer different types of scholarships and grants for Indian students who wish to study abroad. We will find more than 800 different institutions which suit your requirement.

INCUBATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP High Priority Incubation Centre to take the Idea High. Assistance in Fine-Tuning the Best Ideas & Present to Various Institutions & Investors, with guided Steps for Crowd Funding.

ASSISTANCE Expert Career Counselling & Assistance in CV Preparation.

DREAM FURTHER Dedicated Counselling, Assistance and Elite 15% Discount On Immigration & VISA Processing.

EDA Electronic Data Account – Dedicated, for all Your Academic & Work Needs.


Swasthya is a Health Suit that will help People on Medical Emergencies.
Swasthya HealthSuit will be given for individuals upon enrollment. The HealthSuit acts like Healthcard with maximun benefits for anykind of medical emergences at very low cost. Swasthya HealthSuit cover all kinds of Medical Emergencies in more than 4000+ Hospitals.
Repository After enrolling for Swasthya HealthSuit, a basic health checkup will be conducted with in a week. Digitalization of the documents after checkup will be updated in our Repository. This will help the doctors for a quick act incase of Medical Emergencies 24x7 in the listed Hospitals in india.
It`s a great oppurtunity for People/Consumers who hold Swasthya HealthSuit to get Hasslefree Medical Claims. Our Services help in Curing a wide veriety of Medical illness which benefits our Customers. Our Customers can claim upto INR 2,00,000/- with in a year for their Medical Emergencies.

SWASTHYA BENEFITS Swasthys HealthSuit can be utilized for medical emergencies in 4000+ Hospitals Our HealthSuit Acts as a Creditcard for listed Hospitals and can use upto INR 2,00,000/- Incase the bill exceeds above INR 2,00,000/- a discount of 20% will be applicable for every rupee. The Swasthya HealthSuit can be used to buy medicals inside the Listed Hospital Pharmacies. We can buy medicals in Apollo and Medplus Pharmacies with an additional discount of 20%.
WHAT IS SWASTHYA? IT is a health card which is provided to a people for the use of health issues.
REPOSITORY SYSTEM. Digitalized dcouments of the Medical Reports will be maintained for the safety and security of our Customers in Emergency cases. These records can be accessed using Aadhar card, Facial points and Biometric.
HEALTHSUIT ACCESS Swasthya HealthSuit can be accessed around 4000+ Hospitals. It is used for Medical Bills, Medical Emergencies. Medical Grants information will be provided for people to give awareness.
INFORMATION Swasthya makes it easy for its customers through Mobile App, Customer Care 24x7 Number. User Can get the information about the Hospitals, Specializations. Health Campaigns will be conducted in villages and rural areas for Medical Awareness.
UNIQUENESS Swasthya Healthsuit has wide range of unique features: 1. It acts as the debit card, Bearer can withdraw a maximum amount of INR 5000/- once in an year, which has to be refunded in 15 days intrestfree. Charges will be applied after 15days.
SPECIAL FEATURES Swasthya Healthsuit can be used for one person. Accidental cover upto INR 5,00,000/- , Accidental Death claim will be INR 1,00,00,000/- .
VALIDITY Swasthys Healthsuit is valid for one year, it has to be renewed every year. The Applicant can utilize upto 2 Lakhs every year. Any Feature will be applicable only after 91st day of the Card issue. The Card will be sent to the applicant via post.
VERIFIED Complete medical history of individual is taken to Prioritize medical help at emergency. These Medical records can be accessed using Aadhar card, thumb impression and iris.
LOSS OF CARD In Case if the applicant or card bearer looses the card, the card can be replaced. A minimal charges will be applied for replacement.
AGE LIMIT The Applicant can enroll for the Swasthya HealthSuit at an age of 5 Years to 55 Years.
NON-COVERAGE Ambulance charges are not covered with swasthya HealthSuit.

Overseas Education Consulting

Overseas Education Consulting with Special Discounts and Scholarships on Academics, Immigration and Visa Processing with Expert Career Assistance and Global Education Connectivity.
Over 300 Colleges and Universities Across Australia, Newzealand, USA, UK, China and Canada for Masters and Bachelors Programs.
Additional Commisions Based on Course, College and University.

PMKVY- Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Muditva academy is a training institute that intends to impart skills among unemployed youth, school/college dropouts and women throughout India. We give training under Hospitality Services. Skill development is an Important instrument in today’s Globalization. It is so important to increase the efficiency and quality of Labour for improved Economic Growth and Productivity. This is how India can become the main Global sourcing Hub for Skilled Employees.

Skill development is a powerful tool for any individuals to improve their social acceptance. The challenge what the Govt. is facing is not only expansion of facilities for skill training but also in raising their quality. Working Age Group in India is more than 62% of Population within the age group of 15 – 59 Years. Only 2% of the total employees in India have completed Skill Development Training.

NSDC(National Skill Development Corporation) – National Skill Development Corporation was started in the year 2007. NSDC training program was started by Congress. NSDC was set up as a part of a National Skill Development mission to fulfill the growing needs in India for Skilled manpower across the sectors.In 2014 BJP didn’t want to continue with the same name, and NSDC cannot be dissolved.NSDC is a skill India Policy Design Maker.To accomplish this goal he has started PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana) program.

PMKVY is a program.The Training Centre has to pay the amount to PMKVY per centre. Before starting Training Centre PMKVY will come to evaluate the Institute with 50 marks spreadsheet.

The score will be evaluated depending on the guidelines, like
(a)Type of Building – Shaded/Rented/Agreement - 6 Marks
(b)Depends on Radius – 4 Marks
(c )Lab Equipment – 3 Marks
(d)Infrastructure – 4 Marks
(e)CC Camera’s – 3 Marks
(f)Disabled People - 4 Marks and etc…….
TC (Training Centre) candidates must score atleast 85%. Hospitality is the biggest industry, where we can find the most growing skills. Training can be given easily and provide placements to the candidates. Soft skills play a major key role.
Chef - 8th Standard pass
Baker - 8th Standard pass
Steward - 8th Standard pass
Room Attendant - 5th Standard pass
Front Desk Executive - 12th Standard pass
Trainee age should be between – 18 to 28yrs.
PROCEDURE: A minimum of 2 years work experience candidates must be hired as Trainers, who have experience in Hospitality Industry. Training is a systematic procedure that helps to gain knowledge, skill, and creativity, that results in increased corporate performance.
Once Trainer is hired we have to collect the documents like Aadhaar, biometric and measurements are to be updated in the system. The training period is from 45-60 days in both theoretical and Practical and on Soft Skills.The examination is conducted either online or offline, depending on the PMKVY.
PLACEMENTS: After the completion of the course, disbursement of certificates, and the placement assistance, leaving the drawback students, remaining trainees information is to be entered in the PMKVY portal, by which the training of the batch is successfully accomplished. Training Centre has to tie up with local Restaurants, & Hotels for regular employment of the trainees. PMKVY will inquire about the placement service with the Training Institutions.



Scholarships Magazine, National Scholarships, Grants & Scholarship Aid. Monthly Digital Magazine with Complete Details of Scholorships available and Direct Links to apply on it.

Train the Trainer Programs

Global Standard & Approved Trainer Certification, Communications, Soft Skills, Leadership, Sales Training. Foundation, TTT Certification, Live Virtual Classes, Master Trainer Certification.

Teachers Forum

Teachers Forum takes the approach of Integrating Information and Communications Technology into Teacher Education, Focusing on Building "Teachers Communities of Learning" to create Digital Learning Resources and Network with One Another for Sharing and Learning. The Larger Goal of this Program is Strengthen Subject Expertise among Teachers Globally and Grab the Opportunities World Wide.

Teachers Forum, Guest Faculty, Mutual Transfer Programs. Enabling Teachers to Create Resources working in Collaberative Manner, Connecting teachers, and Accessing resources on Large Scale Technology.

Student Carnivals

Annual Student Carnivals with the Goals to Showcase the Hidden Talent and Artistic Skills of Student and by involving Students and Parents all over.

Education Fairs

The Much Anticipated Education Fair!! Come and Meet the Top Colleges and Universities all Over the World. An Excellent Platform to Interact Face to Face with Thousands of Institutes and Students with Spot Admissions and Enrolments.
Engineering, Dental, B-School and Management Colleges, Residential Schools, Medical & Nursing Colleges, Deemed Universities, Professional & Vocational Courses.

Admissions & Transfers

Admissions & Transfers provides Admissions at Various Top Colleges of India with Complete Career Guidance, Admissions & Transfers, Internships, Exam Results, Government Recruitments & Applications.

Digital Infrastructure Development

While a school’s physical infrastructure holds an all-important role in providing a conducive environment in a student’s academic journey, another key facet is Digital Infrastructure, a key differentiator among schools that has truly transformed the delivery of educational content in schools. Use of digital technology in education is steadily transforming whole concept of education delivery, making the very concept of ‘Show me and I understand’ a reality.

Employment Exchange Registration

Complete State and Central Government Recruitment Information, Application Sales, Processing Help, Registrations with Employment Exchange and Assistance in Applying for Internships, Govt Recruitments & Applications , Employment Exchange Registrations, Internships, Incubation & Entreprenuerships.

Education Premier League

The Education Premier League Aims at to Provide World Class Education Via Inspirational and Innovative Teaching which Develops Educationally Rounded and talented Kids through Delivery of Holistic Approach.
EPL Programme Specializes in Delivering Education Programs, Identifying the Best Talents. EPL Is an Annual Event Registering the Kids of Class 5 to Class 10, Empowering with Support and Trainings Required, Registering with the OTTA Platforms for a World Class Talant Show in Education.
Promotional Partnerships Enables the Brand Recognization with Custom Branding and Advertisement and Promotions.

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