Puppet Suite

Smart Wall

Smart wall is the beautification of wall. Usually kids love to skip the school and it is a big task for parents to send them to the school. So we create interest among the kids by creating a vibrant atmosphere in the school to attract the kids, so that they will be regular to the school.

In smart wall we beautifully design the school (Interior decoration of classes, walls) premises according to the age and class of the students. We also create the wall activities like brainy games, puzzles etc., due to which interaction skills of the students increases.

Once the republic hub gets a contract with the school they show wall paintings catalogue to the school from which they can select. We have more than 5000 wall painting images. On behalf of us we send Silk Plaster team, to get the wall paintings done at 40% less time and also at the less cost as they are the paint manufacturers.

We also create a walk-through video for schools which help them during admissions time. Which can be uploaded in the YouTube and also school website so that the parents can view the campus and the school premises and can take a decision before visiting the school.

The complete school is shot in high resolution videos and pictures and the campus is re-designed for the viewers to have a virtual presence of how the school is.


Plot No.18, Mithila Nagar

Road No. 12, Banjara Hills

Hyderabad, Telangana - 500 034