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Teaching Aid Library

Teaching Aid Library is a complete content bank for K12 education. It is a content Wikipedia for schools. Indian prime school resources, comprises more than half a million original images and the content bank is created by over 700 teachers, subject matter experts, resource persons, writers, illustrators, digital artists and graphic designers since 2000 are all now accessible to you for an effective teaching and assessment of students.

There are about 132 school boards in India. But 89% of the students follow only four boards in those 132. State board of education (SB),Central board of secondary education(CBSE), Indian certification of secondary education(ICSE), International baccalaureate(IB).Even though regulations and localizations of the content varies from one state to another “TAL” reference material will have the most compatible content which matches with other school boards.

TAL is a login based for management, students, and staff. Either the staff or the management can see the other board syllabus content to have an idea on other boards content, but it is not available for students. We have complete copyrights on our content. Content can be used, re-used, re-sized any number of times without loosing their original clarity. All the information is available at a single click.


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