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It is better to travel well, than to arrive!! Travelling is one of the activities in our day to day lives. Let it be a small or medium or big work of us, irrespective of the time, season, we always wants to go for distances to complete our work in a successful way. Sometimes travelling is best thing to get Relax and to enjoy with family & Friends.
What are the best ways to travel & what are the best dealings/ Discounts of travel packages? Bus, Train, Flight are the major three ways to travel. So at Republic centre, people can avail the online ticket booing service for their travelling. SME Travel is one of the package that is provided at Republic centre, which is a domestic air travel package having 15 round trips and a 2 nights continuous staying in a 3 star hotel for only one time.Not only travelling but also online ticket booking for Movies can be done at Republic centre.
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Bus Tickets

It means providing travel services (includes bus, trains, flights ticket booking) not only to corporate clients, group of people but also to individuals. Travel Desk helps corporate as well as individuals in not only booking their Travel tickets for Bus, Train, Flight, but also helps in Hotel Booking. Through Travel Desk the cost effectiveness will be much less compared to personal booking of tickets. Through Travel Desk people can avoid long waiting to purchase tickets.
There are many ways of transportation around the world.Bus is a easy means of transportation. Buses are designed to carry a certain number of passengers. (e.g. 60-70).Buses are still a very viable means of transportation and the demand for them is still very strong.


Railways in India are not just a means of transport. Over the years, this mode of travel weaved itself into the history of Indian heritage and culture. A train is a form of transportation consisting of a series of connected vehicles that usually run along a rail track to transport passengers as well as cargo. Train fares are economical when compared to flight travel. Hence, people prefer train journey more. If you look to have a more sophisticated journey, you might have an a/c compartment booked for you to make your train journey more comfortable.
Stay connected in train journey unlike in a journey by flight. You can look through the window and enjoy what nature has in store and how beautiful the landscapes are in between cities. Bus journey could offer you this but not with the comfort a train journey could provide.
Trains offer the best to every traveler, as the rates are economical and the journey comfortable. Trains give you an opportunity to interact with more people and you feel a sense of belonging as train journey is always near to the hearts of people. Trains are comfortable for all ages and all wallets.
With online booking, reservation is made much easier, more and more people prefer traveling by train. It is evident from statistics that e-booking makes a heavy contribution to online travel in India.


Costliest transport service when compared to Bus, Train, any other Transportation. For longer distances people try to choose this transportation service. Flight travel is the most convenient and easy way to travel.

Flight travel is a unique experience where people reach their destination within few hours. Flight travel covers the miles with ease and comfort. Flight Travel is the most convenient and comfortable way. Air travel takes lesser time than train is a no-brainer. Especially in today's world, where the concept of luxury, time has been truncated to say the least.

Optimization of time and money

With new government schemes like UDAAN, that facilitates travel at Rs 2500 for an hour, with a promise of greater comfort and lesser time, for the same price, it is only natural for people to opt for flights.


This stands out as a major point of comparison. There's no doubt that flight is way more hygienic than our trains--be it the food or restrooms.

Better services offered by airlines

Yes, it is that one button on the top of your seat in a flight that makes the difference. Flight attendants at least try their best to cater to your needs.

We book flight tickets through Make My Trip.


Movies are a type of visual communication which uses moving pictures and sound to tell stories or convey about something or some message that may be scripted or a real-life incident. People in every part of the world watch movies as a type of entertainment, a way to have fun. For some people like comedy movies, some people like romantic movies, some people like action movies, some like tragic movies etc.
Most movies are made so that they can be shown on big screens at a movie theatre and at home. After movies are shown on movie screens for a period of weeks or months, they may be marketed through several other media. Most of the times People prefer to watch movies along with their families or friends in theatre only. Where they can lot of fun and enjoyment when compared to watch the movie alone at home in a TV, Laptop or Mobile Phone.
In republic centre, People can also be having online ticket booking for movies also. They can book N number of tickets at a time. At Republic centre, This online ticket booking can be done through Book My Show.


Whenever we are going out of our town/city, accommodation plays a major role, because as we are going to a known/unknown place it is always difficult to find a place to stay. Many of the people prefer to stay in Hotels until their work get done. At republic centre people can avail online ticket booking for best Hotels at best price so that people need not to worry about their accommodation. This can be done through Make My Trip. Booking Hotel Room not only in India Hotels, but also hotels in other countries also.


Small and Medium entrepreneur Travel. There are so many people who travel frequently within India. SME Travel is a service in which people can get Air Travel (Domestic) Package of 15 round trips(to and fro) and a continuous 2 nights stay in a three-star hotel per Annum at Just Rs/- 49,999. At Republic centre this package is being provided for all kinds of people who want to travel within the country.They have to book for this package One week Before.


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