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The news has become part and parcel of everybody’s life. In fact, many of us start our day with the newspaper. That is we love to sip in tea or coffee with a newspaper in our hand. But as technology has undergone change, access to the newspaper has also changed. Newspaper have become digital. Today many are happy reading newspaper through the internet. Developing newspaper portal is not a cake walk activity as it has to be different from other commercial web portals as here the main aim is to grasp the attention of the public and consequently transmit the current information and current affairs. “The way forward for media is video journalism, and News Collective is tapping on this opportunity. Powered by the increasing usage of smartphones, mobile devices, and high-speed Internet, more and more people now prefer to view video news clips than reading news. Media houses are unable to keep up with this challenge of providing dynamic global content to its audience. This new portal is a big leap for News Collective as it is a shift from the existing model that dealt with providing written editorial content. “We want to invite journalists in India to join News Collective and be part of defining the new Online Video News Agency market. New Collective will give journalists an opportunity to market their stories on an international platform as well as to create a brand name for them.” The design and development tasks for a news portal plan compose the electronic version of a newspaper or a magazine having local or even national range. By uploading news of any category such as society, politics, economy, culture, environment, educational, sports, health etc. we both offer the possibility of direct information to anyone visitor who located at any place around the world and the luxury of using this plan by administrators.

Republic Now

Republic Meet To Discuss all Indianized Issues, Creating awareness, conducting Meets, with Questions and answers by Public and Government people. Conducting Live awarensss Programs and Debates on same time.
Republic Now is a open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!

City History Elevation

India is endowed with rich and diverse natural, historic and cultural resources. It is a palette of different cultures, religions, traditions, literature, architectural styles. However, people yet to explore the history of each and every corner of the country.
With City history Elevation our intention is to explore and illustrate the history of a particular city on the walls of that city.
Past efforts of conserving historic and cultural resources in Indian cities and towns have often been carried out in isolation from the needs and aspirations of the local communities as well as the main urban development issues, such as local economy, urban planning, livelihoods, service delivery, and infrastructure provision in the areas. So, this is our effort to enlighten the people with the past through illustrations.
In order to make these cities vibrant, competitive and to address some of the stated histories, a planned approach is necessary for tapping the unlimited potential underlying in history and unleashing the power of skillful artisans and traditional economy. This will also enable smooth dovetailing of a modern concept of local economic development through locally available knowledge, resources, and skills. The history elevation of a city is not about development of few walls, but the development of the entire city.
With this background Muditva, launched the City History elevation, with a focus on holistic development of cities. This aims to preserve and revitalize the soul of the heritage city to reflect the city’s unique character by encouraging aesthetically appealing, accessible, informative & secured environment.
City History elevation strategizes its efforts like planning, development, implementation, and management for ensuring the sustainable growth of selected cities in partnership with State Governments. It offers a paradigm shift in India’s approach to city development, bringing together urban planning/economic growth and History conservation in an inclusive and integrated manner with special attention on livelihoods, skills, cleanliness, security, accessibility. The scheme will work through a partnership of Government (Central/State/Local).

Raise India - Unite for Life

Raise India is a crowd funding platform to provide Funds to state Government, Welfare to people and To Politicians.
It’s a Complete App for Crowd Funding Platform for Government, Politicians & NGOs.
State governments are suffering with lack of funds, due to lack of funds the growth of the government has stopped, if we help our government with funds government will help us in employment, literacy for everyone, Better transportation facilities, Reduction in poverty, water facilities to rural areas, etc.
The fund which is contributed to the state government will be used by the particular state government only.The funds raised by the government will be used for the pending projects, for the development of the villages, irrigation of lands, Development of agricultural lands & advanced cultivating activities, which improve states to go forward and to cope up with central government.
Contributories can also help the government with their valuable ideas and funds can be invested in particular program or welfare of particular village also.
The top hundred contributories are going too displayed every month, like their name, the amount contributed along with their specifications to the fund with photographs.
There is no limit on contribution amount it can be donated in multiples of hundred.
Even they can contribute the fund in lump sum or they can contribute the fund in slots like monthly/quarterly/annually.
The transparency of the fund will be maintained, It will be audited every monthly, quarterly and annually, and the status will be updated on the portal itself.
Benefits of this project:
There are still some villages that need to travel kilometres to get a pot of water, if we contribute to the state government it directly invest in the areas where they need funds. Whoever contributed the fund to state governments will get an exemption u/s 80G of Income Tax ACT 1961, without any limitation. People can directly involve in state government projects by selecting an option to invest the fund in particular project/village in development of particular idea. The funds will be monitored up to date and expenses will be updated as and when advice with an expert team of charted accountants. There will be options for the contributor to select the services in which he/she wants to invest. 50% Fund raised we share with Government for only Accountable Accounts, We do not provide for Non Accountable Accounts. Remaining We will use for Village Developments based on Village Levels We Do Funding. We Cover All below Mentioned Segments
1). Health
2). Children
3). Education
4). Technology
5). Sports
6). Animal welfare
7). Women empowerment
8). Environment
9). Food & Hunger
10). Development of villages
11).To reduce poverty
12). Creation of employment
13). Preservation of culture
14). Irrigation of lands.

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