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Watch Out! Timer is Ticking. Muditva News Network(MNN) Comes up with Some Exciting and Quality News to You. We are Engaged you Building New things for you. We Will be Live Soon!

Muditva News Network (MNN) a national news channel which aims to showcase diverse problems and
ground realities with investigative journalism based in India. Having its Head Quarters in Hyderabad, Telangana.
Nava Bharath - Founded in the Year 2008 was Active for Some Time On Electronic Media and Now Active only as Print Media.
ANN NEWS (Asia News Network) - With its Wide Presence on City Cable and 14,00,000 Subscribers and 5 Languages (Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi), 6 News Bulletins and Multiple Programs, Delivering the Best to be an Unique Proposition.

In order to empower our people at Republic centres including State Partners & District Partners we will provide PRESS ID to them, for which we need to take press accreditation from PTI by submitting the required documents for application.


High rate of revenue:- No doubt the investment is very high but compare to any other business break even point is reached within a year.

Potential Market:-  Current market status for news media is more than 100 thousand crore.

Reputation:- Most importantly it gives reputation in society .

Power:-  Along with Reputation comes power.

Relationship with Government:-  Government also recognizes us.

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• To empower people through information and influence them positively.
• To attain the image of a channel that is constructive, solution seeking, engaging and relevant to the Aam Aadmi.
• To be recognized as the India’s most trusted media network, reaching people out to the country’s length and breadth.

Why investigative journalism ?

It is because investigative journalism in its present Avatar as sting operation has opened up a complete new era in the history of Press. It helps media or news media in particularly to acquire a powerful position and enhance its image as an active watchdog of the society. And it is the backbone of all the other forms of journalism.