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Thick Shakes & Ice Creams

The Best Shakes and Ice Creams Ever! Instantly Made Combinations to Taste the Best. Republic Supplies the Key Ingredients and Train the Team on State Specific to Maintain the Quality, Taste and Branding Uniform Across the Country. Blenders, Freezers and Branding Support.

The 1947

The 1947

The Choice is Yours with a Wide Selection of Refreshing Bottled Water Options. The 1947 Built on Delivering Safe, Great Tasting Bottled Water to Homes and Offices across the Country.
Republic Manufactures and Prepares the Key Ingredients to Make Premium Bottled Water at Normal Prices Turning the State Partners, DPs and RCs as Dealers and Distributers to Market the Products to Retailers.



Neptune Professional advices are required to everyone in crucial times as health issues, legal advices and technical services, which helps in solving the issues and coming up with best possible solution.
As we know in cities, hotels and restaurants will be over crowded and customers don't want to wait in a Queue for their turn and last minute reservation of tables becomes impossible.
E-Citizen through its mobile application "Neptune" Schedules appointments with concern professionals, according to the convenience of both Client and Professionals.
Neptune also provides a facility for table reservations to clients through which customers can book their tables in any restaurants, at any place and any time in future date.



Whether you are a movie buff or one of those who live cinema every day, if the silver screen is everything to you and you want to catch all the latest movies, concert in a theatre anywhere in India, then Rispana has made your life more convenient!
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Choose from the list of movie theatres and multiplexes and catch the latest movies on time! there’s no need to bear the heat and wait in queues to watch a movie because Rispana lets you select from a wide variety of options with only a few clicks. So every day becomes as enjoyable and relaxed as the weekend!
Rispana is an easy and quick way to book movie/concert tickets online. With a safe payment system, you have the ease of booking tickets from anywhere and anytime. Why wait when you can have the world at your fingertips?
Rispana is a mobile application through which tickets are sold online like movie tickets, concert tickets and events near you also. Along with the tickets customers can view trailers and can review the shows.

Pure In

Pure in offers a new dawn of hope for people waking up to the importance of healthy living. Our mission of “delivering the promise of absolute purity” is to provide consumers with food products that are pure in the true sense. With our zero tolerance for impurities, we are to help consumers in their struggle to stay fit by getting most of the impurities off their plate. In the food industry, it is generally assumed that there is no way to completely eliminate impurities; we can only reduce them. But with Pure In's Nano AOP formula, the products have significantly less contaminants and impurities, including toxins and pesticide residue, giving it a new lease of life without affecting its taste, or its nutritional values.

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Think Once, Think Twice, Think Connect! Republic Takes it to the Next Level. Nothing Works Better than it to be a Partner, Different Kind of Company, Different Kind of REPUBLIC.


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