Puppet Suite

Power to Your Life!

Collection of Comprehensive Medical Care, Support and Services. We Believe Everyone Should have Access to High Quality Health Care Irrespective to Age and Category. Care. Compassion. Community are our Core Elements Providing Wide Range of Services with Multi-Site and Multi-Partner Program.

Education, Empowerment and Future Protection, with Personalised Care and Support is What we do at Republic. Right from the Admission to Placements, Content Access to Future Protection, Scholarships to Special Academic Programs and Personalised Counselling to Ensure Proper Methodologies, Right from the Beginning.


Unique and Republic: Your Way!

Republic Offers Unmatched Combination of Information, Analytics, Services, Experiences and Expertise to Medical and Educational Segment for Quality Support and Improvement to Enhance Day to Day Decision Making and Better Living! Thanks to Our Expert Team of Scholars and Volunteers helping us Shaping to See The Future Now.


Pappaya Ed

Manage Your Campus Easily With Pappaya Ed. Developed Using Futuristic Technologies, Our ERP has a Student-Faculty Program Analysis Conversational Chatbots, and VR Based Content, Proves to be the Best for all Types of Institutions. The First CRM with AI & Beacon!


Teaching Aid Library

Instant Access to a New Age Education System Covering Variety of Topics and Services from Early Literacy Programs to Advanced Interactive Learning, First Ever Developed in India. Empowering Every School with Quality Resources & Upgradation for a Life Time!


Muditva Academy

Enhanced Teaching Quality, Developing Individual Skills and Career Programs in Association with NSDC and Skill India. Inspiring Teaching Excellence through Better Teaching, Learning, Training & Mentoring Initiatives that Support Educators Address Changing Needs.



Most Integrated and Comprehensive Tool For Medical & Health Care Environment. We Make Things that Matters Most, With Repository Systems, Comprehensive Care and Utmost Cover, Doctors, Medical Groups, Clinics & Health Care Centresfor Complete Cash Less Treatments and Great Discounted Medicines.



Deep Essential Mechanism For Great Society Breaths in Building Prodigious Education and Occupation. Republic, By Muditva works Closely to Enhance Excellence and Eliminating Disparity at Both Institutional and Organizational Level through Fine Tuned Auxiliary System. Enhancing Learning & Working By Eliminating Overhang.



Student Carnivals, Education Fairs, Events & Conferences, Global Education Connectivity, Grants & Scholarships, Internships, What's Not. COPlANNER Work Closely to Support Learning & Living Experiences through Bhavishya for Radical End to End Guided Learning and Mentored Working for a Better Future, Always!


smart wall

Learning through walls is a major way of letting children learn. Painting walls, so that children get inspired and learn is a new age learning. Attractive wall paintings grab the attention of the students and make it easier for them to perceive the information.

Smart wall

K12 Publishing

K12 Publishing facilitates the printing of superior quality custom made educational books for schools. Ready to print High-quality Books. Content is the soul of any book, each endeavour has turned the content simple, elegant and easily understandable.


Hobby Box

Bridging the Learning divide. Activity Box with interactive games to engage with children and make them love learning. An age-appropriate subscription box for children, delivered at your threshold! Improve the child’s rational thinking with a hands-on learning experience.

Learn & Work: In Style & Confidence

We Consider Human Dignity & Freedom to be Basic Values & Believe People anywhere in the World Should have a Right to make Decisions about their lives. Based on the Ideas of Digital System Access, Equality, Advancement, Education & Health Care with Better Living and Humanism

Work: Both Art & Science

Growing Numbers

With Partner Programs and Associations, More than 6000+ Hospitals, Education Institutions, Clinics and Organizations Supporting Every Service and Segment being Offered.

Respect & Empowerment

Provide Compassionate Care to those In Need. Our Network of Generous Donors, Volunteers, Co-partners, Institutions& Organizations Share a Mission of Building the Nation.


Scope of Activities & Priorities Determined with respect to Level of Urgency & Our Real Capacity to Change Something. It's not So Important to be there everywhere; however it is essential for us to Make a Real Difference.