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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a huge spectrum of tactics and assets that encompasses all online marketing efforts. With people spending twice as much time online. digital marketing is now a pre-requisite for any brand’s marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is often a new brand’s only marketing strategy for the initial few years. We blend technology with creativity to ensure that you make an impact on the market.

Social Media Optimization Social media has become an all-pervasive notion that influences every aspect of our life. If you want to build brand identity and strengthen your online presence then utilizing our social media optimization services will be of critical importance. We optimize your social media channels in a very effective manner so that people start talking about your brand, resulting in a buzz that will transform into higher sales on your site. Our experts also develop a strategy that will help in generating brand awareness for your business, which is the ultimate goal for any business.

Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is an offshoot of internet marketing. The objective of social media marketing is to increase brand exposure and broaden its customer reach. Social media services include creating engaging content to attract internet users to interact with brand...

Online reputation management Online reputation management (ORM), also called web reputation management, is involved an arrangement of techniques used to emphatically impact purchasers perception about a person, organization, mark or other entity in online media. ORM ensures for your positive digital world promoting thus eventually constructs the trust. At whatever point any fine evaluation or message spreads about your affiliation and administrations, ORM makes that become a web sensation. Negative remarks, audits, and postings harm your online reputation as well as influence business revenue. ORMremoves all negative remarks and or reviews from the best rankings to downwards. It helps to degrade or remove all sorts of inappropriate contents and to vacate the spaces for helpful comments, reviews, and listings which surround the keywords in your online business.

Advertising Campaigns Creating advertising campaign ideas and their execution have never been so strategic. No matter how good your product or service is, you may feel intimidated because of the competition in your business market. Advertisement carries a message to provoke interest about your product or service. Creating awareness with promotion helps in generating more leads for the business. We at Republic design creative advertising campaigns and deploy the latest advertising techniques for maximizing your business reach. We ensure that your product is portrayed with best advertising ideas and promoted creatively so that it gets more eyeballs.

Influencer marketing Influencer marketing is an emerging digital strategy that has the potential to reach new audiences and build brand affinity through authentic content and partnerships. While it is a new and developing tactic, it’s a powerful tool to connect with targeted audiences. But it takes expertise to get true value out of your campaigns. Republic develops tailored strategies to meet client objectives and goals. Our experience with sought-after influencers from a range of industries helps us avoid common pitfalls and deliver exciting results.

SEO Services

Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your business will connect to the right prospective clients, seeking your business support to grow their business (B2B or B2C). This will happen as SEO will ensure that when a prospect wants to look for vendors to help the business, your website will be on the first page and will be in the top 4-5 websites that are portrayed on the first page of the search engines page like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
This is a must, as today, the world is not having any boundaries and one could explore a vendor who could be cost-effective and also offer best services from another country. So even your domestic prospects and global prospects can improve and will make your business a winner.

On-page SEO We, at Republic, offer best in class Service and the difference will be visible in your rank on search engines. We cater all the on-page elements Like for example, the optimized title, good description, well- formatted URL’s. correct use of header1, header2, images and many more. Along with them, the focus is on optimized metadata which includes the page title, meta description, an image ALT tag which incorporate tag keywords. Well written and optimized page copy, this includes target keywords, social sharing option which is within your content.

Off Page SEO Off-page SEO helps in exposure for the website and also helps with higher ranking, by building relevant links from credible websites. It’s like a never-ending sequence of events. this refers to the process of getting votes from other websites for the purpose of increasing your website’s trust in the eyes of other search engines. It concentrates on link building which helps to attract and obtain quality inbound links. This makes the majority of off-page SEO.

Technical SEO Services Proper execution is critical to retain performance. Search engines have increasingly placed more emphasis – and higher rankings – on websites that offer high-quality, user-friendly experiences. That means it’s essential for today’s businesses to have a solid digital foundation. That solid foundation starts with technical SEO. Our technical team paves the way for digital marketing success. It’s not glamorous work, but just like every home needs a good foundation, every website needs a strong underlying basis of technical SEO. Turning attention to these fundamental details that boost a site’s performance is the key to helping your site rank above and beyond your competitors.

Technical Site Audits A deep-dive into your website’s technical profile Gain insights into the performance of your website while identifying opportunities for improvement by digging into your website’s technical details. Our technical SEO team’s audits cover a host of vital checkpoints including:

  • Crawl analysis
  • Robots.txt
  • Mobile performance
  • Crawl errors
  • Duplicate content
  • Image optimization
  • Internal link structure
  • Indexation
  • Site architecture
  • Accessibility
  • Page speed
  • Redirects
  • XML sitemap
  • Analytics

Email Marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

Our team will add to the best technique to draw in the characterized target crowds and set up their data needs.

Email Marketing Campaigns Our team is prepared to plan, assemble and supply an email format for correspondence with your customers to deal with your advertising effort and to prompt sensational movements in your deals.

Email Template Design Our inventive outlines and arrangements are agreeable and enhance email deliverability. Our experts breathe life into your message and reach to interested group with your image.

Marketing Automation Republic has built a centre of excellence around automation and integration of various digital platforms. Most of our clients today make use of our flexible automation and integration solutions to manage leads, send emails, send surveys, and incorporate personalization and individualization to better engage with their subscribers.

Email Audit & Analysis With our Email Audit service we conduct a deep analysis of your email program; your process, metrics, strategy, data and other critical areas. We then analyze your business, industry, customer profiles and other key inputs in order to provide meaningful recommendations for email campaign enhancement. This process can be effective for improvement with relatively simple efforts to complex email programs. Analysis of your current email marketing efforts, including process, metrics, and campaign data. Evaluation of your business, products and customer profiles. Detailed report of low hanging fruit, areas for short term improvement and long-term enhancement recommendations.

E-Mail Life Cycle Factors Lifecycle campaigns designed to deliver triggered messages to customers when you know they will have maximum impact is what works. Now more than ever, marketers have the ability to be precise and explicit in their email marketing techniques. At any given time a customer is at a different point in their relationship with your product or brand. Think of the customer’s lifecycle as a journey. Lifecycle marketing happens when retailers send customers emails that are relevant to what stage they are at in the customer lifecycle.

Customer Community

We value our customers.
Our services are for the customers who are willing to continue our association.
Our business is a B2B alliance.
We have exclusive plans for our retaining customers to commemorate their association with us, In this Plan, we provide professional, creative and effective Design services and digital marketing services that help your business thrive.

Content Marketing

Do you want your website to rank high on the search engines, without you having to spend on digital advertising? Here is your chance!
100% original, unique, well-researched, keyword optimized, plagiarism-free, and error-free content for Websites, Blogs, SEO Articles, Company Profiles, Brochures, Company Pitch Presentations, Business Plans & Proposals, Case Studies, Course Materials, EBooks, Research Papers, White Papers, and more, at very affordable rates.

Web Content Crisp, Clear, and Concise Copy to help the world know what your Website is all about. Rank higher on search engines through keyword optimized content.

Blog Writing Unique, informative, and interactive content to help you publish posts on your blogs regularly. Drive traffic to your website through engaging blog posts.

SEO Articles Search Engine Optimized articles to attract your audience to your Website. Post articles on authorized sites to show up as a niche expert.

Company Profiles Professionally written content for company profiles, business proposals, and brochures. Introduce your business to your investors and clients.

Business Plans Exclusive business plans with complete market research to find out feasibility of your business ideas. Professional copies to help you grab investors.

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