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Kiosk Banking is an important concept and it is basically developed for rural areas where less number of banks available or no bank facilities are there and where people can’t reach to the banks to use the services. That is why RBI has introduced Kiosk Banking Service as a Mini Bank Service.

It is conceived that the kiosk will function with the support of leading banks in the Private, Public and Cooperative sectors.


There is no minimum balance or charges levied.

The account holder can have an unlimited amount in his Account, there are no limitations.But the Maximum limit of a transaction is 10000/- per day
Easy deposits, withdrawal, and cash remittances.
Cheque book is not issued. They will be given a debit card to withdraw the amount.
Loan against term deposit is given to the account holder.
Hassel free opening of Savings account.
Less documentation, no queues, no travel expenses.
Rupay ATM card/ SBI identity card


For opening an account the process that should be followed by the operator is as follows:
Once the customer comes to you for account opening give them a form to open an account.
Once the form is filled the only ID proof that is required is AADHAR card for the opening of the account.
Go to the option of customer creation and enter the details of the customer by filling their details in the form.
Now take the biometric of the customer and take the photograph of them.
Ask the customer to cross verify their details.
Once the Account is opened information is given to the customer that the debit card would be sent to their communication address within 15 working days.


For depositing of the cash into the account the customer needs to follow these steps:

  • Customer needs to carry his Rupay Debit card along with him to Deposit money in the account.
  • A total of Rs. 10,000/- can be deposited by each individual in a day.

The procedure for withdrawal of the amount is:
  • Customers are given a Rupay ATM cards, which are similar to Master Card or Visa debit cards
  • An ATM machine is installed at each Republic Centre
  • Customer will have to use his Rupay Debit Card to withdraw the amount.
  • Every day a minimum amount of 10,000/- can be withdrawn from his account.
  • These are the procedures for withdrawal and depositing of cash by Kiosk Banking.


PAN Card Registration

Permanent Account Number or PAN Card is a nationalized identity card. Without a PAN, you will not be able to carry out any financial transaction. It is the Indian Income Tax Department that allocates this 10-digit alphanumeric and unique account number to a tax-paying person, company or HUF. It has lifetime validity.

PAN Card - Corrections

Permanent Account Number Or PAN is a Means of Identifying Various Tax payers in the Country. PAN is a Unique Identification Number assigned to Indians, mostly those who Pay the Tax.

If you are Existing PAN holder and applying for Changes/Correction of PAN Details or applying for Reprint of PAN Card:- (All copies of documents should be self-attested by the customer)

1. Photographs, Proof of Identity, Proof of Address and Proof of Date of Birth as mentioned above
2. Proof of issuance of PAN – Copy of PAN Card issued or copy of PAN Allotment letter
3. Additional Documents for Change in Name –

  • In the case of Married Women – Copy of Marriage Certificate, Marriage Invitation Card, Publication of Name change in Official Gazette, Passport with Husband Name, Certificate issued by Gazetted Officer.
  • In the case of other Individuals – Copy of Publication of Name change in Official Gazette, Certificate issued by Gazetted Officer.
  • In case of Companies – Copy of Certificate of Name Change from Registrar of Companies
  • In case of Partnership Firms – Copy of Revised Partnership Deed or Certificate of Name Change from Registrar of Firms
  • In case of Limited Liability Partnership – Copy of Revised Partnership Deed or Certificate of Name Change from Registrar of LLP
  • In case of any other entity – Copy of Revised Deed or Agreement, Revised Registration Certificate.

Bill Desk

Bill Payments & Recharges

The amount a household or office is expected to pay for electricity, water and/or gas each month. Utility bills vary according to one's usage.

Utility bills deal with household and office related daily bill payments.

Under utility bills, customers can pay electricity Bills, Water Bills, Subscription Payments, Broadband and Landline Payments. Along with this customers can also do their mobile reacharges and DTH recharges at single point

Travel Desk

Ticket Booking

There are different modes of transport like air, water, and land transport, which includes rail, road and off-road transport. The most common mode of travelling is road ways, railways and airways. To reduce the cost of travelling and give great experience to citizens, republic centers are selling tickets at low prices to the citizens.

At republic centre people can get online ticket booking for buses at discounted price. This Service is Provided Through Make My Trip, At Republic Centre.

Railways in India are not just a means of transport. Over the years, this mode of travel weaved itself into the history of Indian heritage and culture. A Train is a form of transportation consisting of a series of connected vehicles that usually run along a rail track to transport passengers as well as cargo. Train fares are economical when compared to flight travel. Hence, people prefer train journey more.

Costliest transport service when compared to Bus, Train, any other Transportation. For longer distances people try to choose this transportation service. Flight travel is the most convenient and easy way to travel.

It means providing travel services (includes bus, trains, flights ticket booking) not only to corporate clients, group of people but also to individuals. Through Travel Desk the cost effectiveness will be much less compared to personal booking of tickets. Through Travel Desk people can avoid long waiting to purchase tickets.

SME Travel

Small and Medium entrepreneur Travel. There are so many people who travel frequently within India. SME Travel is a service in which people can get Air Travel (Domestic) Package of 15 round trips(to and fro) and a continuous 2 nights stay in a three-star hotel per Annum at Just Rs/- 59,999.

At Republic centre this package is being provided for all kinds of people who want to travel within the country.They have to book for this package One week in advance.

Republic pay

Wallet Recharge

Have Reward Points in Republic One but Need to Make Bill Payments or Bookings ? Just Use the Republic Pay Recharge Option in Multiples of 1000 by Placing an Order here and Raise the Balance Request Option from Republic Pay Using the Order Number Instead Transaction Reference Number.

Recharge Your Republic Pay Wallet through Wallet Points in Republic One. Transfer Wallet Balances Mutually.

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