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Advertisement means making a thing known to the people commercially. We live in an age of publicity. In Ad tech, We provide wide range of advertising services on different platforms. We have the innovative method of service which includes Independent and Open Full Stack Platform encompassing Data, Creativity, and Trading serving Media Agencies.Independent and Open Full Stack Platform encompassing Data, Creativity, and Trading serving Media Agencies.

For introducing a product or improving the brand name of product or service in the market, advertising is an important part. The advertisement of any concerned product or service at a right place through a right media will attract the new audience, helps in growing the market and brand name.
Importance of Advertising
1. Launching the Product The aim of advertising is to promote. Hence, advertising is essential, especially for a new product that must be launched in the market. Advertising helps convey the information regarding launch of the new product.
2. Potential Customers It is essential that customers keep following, buying and using your brand. And this is where advertising helps companies again! It keeps on reminding the customers about the brand and so, helps in retaining the customers and increasing the sales.
3. Promotion of Brand Promotion is quintessential if any brand wants to stay in the market. This goal is achieved with the help of advertising which promotes a product, company or service. When a brand gets established with the help of advertising, it becomes a promise of quality and the customers start expecting from a brand. Thereafter, the stage arises where advertising starts acting as a reminder. It reminds and convinces customers that their chosen brand is still there.
4. Educational Promotion Advertising is not only about promotion! It also educates people and makes the society aware about various issues. Many social issues like female child labor, child abuse, etc., are also raised thorough sensible advertisements. Thus, advertising also helps in educating people and spreading awareness.
5. Comparing Promotions Advertising also provides the opportunity of comparing various products to the customers. Based on features, qualities or specifications described through advertising, customers can take their pick on the available products.
Are you planning for your product promotions? Ad Tech will assist you in different modes of advertising and promotions. We create the desire to possess better and newer items by educating the buyers like in different platforms like News Papers, Ad Shoots, TV Commercials, Custom Voice Overs, Promotions, 3D Shootings and Drone Based Visuals all at one place.


Music Streaming Application for Indian Music Exclusively.Music is an Art Form and Cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. Music has the power to create emotions. Stop Complaining and start taking advantage of the innovative technologies available.
Pressina is a Registration Based music streaming Service Provided by RepublicHub to fill joy in your life’s. We've Got a list of the Best music with the Best Audio Quality.

SME Design

We understand the difficulty in running a business. Hence we want you to focus on doing your business we will take care of the rest. We help start-ups by providing efficient resources at affordable rates.
SME Design package is precise and ideal for small and medium businesses looking to promote their products and services online. SME is a privilege service for start-ups. Under this SME package, we are providing the website designing with Facebook chat and Google integrations, for that website we are providing hosting for one-year, corporate mail id and support.
We also provide the services like an automatic update of content, images in the website, logo designing, business cards and letterheads. We will take care of the whole website designing part and web maintenance by providing better services.


Sales CRM

Maximize your productivity with our sales CRM platform that promotes best practices. We prioritize your sales pipeline with personalized dashboards and personal productivity tools. And Increase win rates with rich customer insight and collaborative selling tools. Drive best practices with powerful process automation that aligns with your sales playbook.
Sales CRM Customer relationship management is a prerequisite to the success of any sales organization. Our template provides real-time access to your accounts, and is ideal for teams of all sizes, from an individual sales rep looking to quickly log interactions on-the-go with the mobile app, to a start-up or a small business with a growing sales team interested in building out a sales pipeline, to an enterprise looking for a contact management solution for the entire sales organization.
Additionally, our sales CRM template is flexible enough to adapt to your sales process no matter the size of your book of business or sales team, whether you're managing just a few customer relationships or tracking customer interactions across hundreds of clients.
And with our sales CRM template, each member of your team can create a personalized view for the work they need to accomplish, without getting distracted by other accounts. Use a calendar view to quickly see past meetings requiring follow up, or upcoming meetings requiring preparation. Or try a Kanban view to see where each customer is in the sales process and how close they are to closing. With this sales CRM template, the sales people on your team will be ready to close deals in no time.


Personal Care and Promotions of Party Cader is Most Important to Every Political Party and with the Use of this application and Web Portal, It’s Much Easy for the Parties to both Raise the Fund and as well as taking care of Party People Directly or Choose a Particular Activity.

Retainer Plan-SME

We value our customers.
Our services are for the customers who are willing to continue our association.
Our business is a B2B alliance.
We have exclusive plans for our retaining customers to commemorate their association with us, In this Plan, we provide professional, creative and effective Design services and digital marketing services that help your business thrive.

Logo Designing-SME

Every business has a logo to represent its values and attributes in the market and public. But not all the logos are capable of taking the business effectively to the people. Design of a logo usually plays a major role in the marketing of an organization and its business in the ever-competitive market.
A Logo is a Graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. We provide customized graphic design so as it reflects your personal as a company. We believe there is a direct correlation between the professionalism of your logo, branding and marketing materials and customer expectations and deliver only the best. We deliver Professional Custom Logo Designing made by only Experienced Professionals.
Our Well Designed Logo Speaks about what your Business Does. Be it corporate or business we understand all your needs. It is vital for a small or medium business to make that unique identity for themselves creating that effectiveness as a company. SME logo Design Package is perfect and ideal for Small, Medium Businesses. Giving you the exact deal of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

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