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Times have changed drastically since the childhood of this generation has become quite different from what we had in the 90s.Now, with technology invading childhood, every child is hooked to mobile phones, But there was a time when we never needed these gadgets and still had a lot of fun. Wouldn't it be great if kids today get a chance to experience the real childhood?
Hobby Box is an age-appropriate subscription box for children, delivered to your doorstep every month! Each box is loaded with play-based activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way.
Teaching aid Library is now bringing Children’s My School Hobby Box at your fingertips. The concept of the Hobby Box is to reach the subject for all age groups. It is an Annual subscription activity box for kids, which helps to develop the various skills in every child. The Kids will receive the theme-based box every month packed with some exciting project games, Puzzles and storybooks.
Each Box will be based on an exciting theme such as space, mathematics, travel, colours, science, etc. The engrossing activities will replace TV/Smartphone time and make your child concentrate for long hours.
My School Hobby Box comes in 5 categories:
1. Play School
2. Pre-Primary
3. Primary School
4. Middle School
5. High School
My School Hobby Box is the first activity box filled with projects and resource material. My School Hobby box also provides health security insurance of Rs.50,000 through Religare with every annual Subscription.
The Hobby Box contains following items.
1. Cut & Paste charts
2. Activity Worksheets
3. Craft with paper
4. Entry to the global competition
5. Map-pointing and Reading
6. Animation flip book
7. Origami with paper
8. Monthly art lessons
9. Projects on Environment
10. Learn English through Comics
11. Art Olympiad
12. Step by step Science art in Animation
13. Brain Train memory games
14. Nano book challenge
15. Creativity with paper
16. Holiday Assignments
17. GK and Activity sessions
18. Personality Development
19. Picture stories
20. Mind games Logic and Reasoning
21. Mental ability, IQ & EQ
22. Health Security to the Kids

Smart Wall

Smart Wall Instructs Simply Like an educator, helps as Visual Library, Initiatives with Binary diversions, energitically convey kids to a Virtually Play area, gives fundamental abilities, helps in Caftsmanship and Speciality like an illustration instructor and gives another experience to each eye.
School Beautifiction, Interior and Exterior Designing, Wall Paintings, Class Room Decoration (Academic), Wall Activities, Video Walk Through, Silk Plast Decoration, Activity Based Learning on Walls.

Silk Plast

Progress and Innovative Indoor Painting Made with Edible and Silk. Complete Chemical Free.

K12 Publishing

TAL Academic Portal

Instant Access to New Age Education System Covering Variety of Topics and Services from Early Literacy Programs to Advanced Interactive learning, First Ever Developed in India. Empowering Every School with Quality Resources and Upgration for a Life Time!

K12 Publishing

Comprises of Primary and Secondary Education with Our Own Publishing Books and half a Million Content, R&D Material Available through TAL Acadamic Portal and Unique Concepts to help Parents, Teachers, Students accessible to all Information. 750+Print Ready Books, White Labelling, 1500+ Fun, GK, Puzzle, Art, Story, Comic & General Books.

Love My School

Love My School Monthly Magazine to Every Student on School Name, 50K Insurance Cover to the Students. Cut -Paste Project Material with Fun Content on Schools Name and White Labelling.


Training Programs, Online Support System, modular Based Lessons, Art & Animation, Project help.

Media Train

Digital Content, Media Tools & Comics, Text Books and Customised Book Designs and Interactive Learning.

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