GST Migration & Filing

GST movement is the only exchange of existing customer information from more established framework to the new framework (GST framework). The goal is to enable existing customers to work together with no bother, to deal with irregularities and prepare for smooth change towards the usage on the date April 1, 2017. This will be a testing assignment and will give us an unmistakable picture of where is every one of the things stand.

The way toward relocating existing citizens to the products and administration assess (GST) organize began from November 8, 2016, by propelling of the site (www.gst.gov.in) which will empower citizens situated crosswise over various states to refresh their data and other pertinent records as an initial move towards acquiring an enlistment number under GST. The government has propelled the current enlistment relocation venture under GST, a current citizen enrolled under VAT/Service Tax/Excise need to move their enlistment according to assigned dates.

Following Points that Every Taxpayer must Know in the GST Migration:

  • All existing taxpayer will be transferred to GST. Liquor dealers registered under the VAT are not required to migrate.
  • There is no deemed enrollment under GST, all the taxpayers are expected to visit the GST common portal & enroll themselves at the GST common portal.
  • Existing taxpayers are not required to enroll separately with Central and State authorities under GST.
  • There is no fee or charge levied for the enrollment of a taxpayer under GST.
  • If a tax payer has multiple business in one state then tax payer may register one business entity first. For the remaining business within the state they have to get in touch with their respective Jurisdictional Authority
  • How we help with GST Registration

    Data Collection

    A Capital Flow GST Expert will gather the vital data and Reports for planning of GST return for your business.

    GST Return Prepartion

    According to the Reports and data gathered, an Capital Flow GST master will set up your GST return .

    GST Return Filing

    Once the GST return is Loaned and endorsed by you, our GST master will record your GST return.

    Benefits Of Filing GST Migration


    Classification Of Taxes

    subsumes different expenses like Central Sales Tax, Additional Customs Duty, Purchase Tax, Luxury Tax, and so on., Hence, under GST, a large number of the duties in presence today would be subsumed and made into one assessment. This would make assess gathering and consistence simple for organizations the nation over.


    Burden Free Business

    Numerous organizations like eateries, PC deals, and administrations organizations need to follow both VAT and Service Tax controls. This makes a consistency load on the business, as they need to figure charges for the exchange in light of various rates for various things. Under GST, the qualification amongst merchandise and ventures.


    Lesser Taxes

    Right now in a few states under the VAT administration, organizations are required to follow VAT controls once they cross a yearly turnover of Rs.5 lakhs. Under GST administration, GST risk collects just if an element crosses a yearly turnover of Rs.10 lakhs in the upper east or slope states, though, for rest of India, the limit is set at Rs.20 lakhs.


    Higher Taxes

    GST is relied upon to build the duty base in India fundamentally.The general duty risk for organizations is relied upon to decrease extra time. GST will utilize the most recent in innovation, including information from Aadhaar database, PAN database, and so forth., to make GST enlistment and GST return documenting the process.