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Stake Conversion

The responsibility for organization constrained by shares is held by the investors of the Company. The investors thus delegate Directors to deal with the undertakings of the Company. Thus, responsibility for organization rests with the investors and not the Directors. Exchange of responsibility for the organization can along these lines be refined by exchanging offers of the organization starting with one individual or element then onto the next. Offer move in a private constrained organization is typically more confined when contrasted with a recorded organization that is traded on an open market. The whole offers of a private restricted organization are generally possessed by a family or a little gathering of people or elements.

Subsequently, the greater part of the Articles of Association of a Private Limited Company confines the privilege of an investor to exchange the organization's offers to a pariah. In this manner, it is imperative to audit the Articles of Association of the Company preceding affecting an offer exchange. Capital Flow can enable you to exchange offers of a private constrained organization by finishing the fundamental strategies according to Companies Act, 2013.

Winding up

A private constrained organization is a fake legal individual and requires different COMPLIANCEs like the arrangement of Auditor, standard Reporting of wage government form, yearly return recording and that's just the beginning. Neglecting to keep up consistency for a Company could bring about fines as well as debarment of the Directors from consolidating another Company. In this manner, if a private constrained organization has turned out to be dormant and there are no exchanges in the organization, at that point, it is best to twist up the Company. To empower idle private constrained organizations to rapidly shut or slow down, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has presented Fast Track Exit Mode - a less demanding approach to close idle organizations at a less expensive cost with lesser customs. An outdated organization which has not done any business activities or operations for most recent one year or since fuse and having NIL resources and obligation can apply for sticking-off of name under the Fast Track Exit Mode. A Capital Flow can enable you to twist up your Company rapidly and effectively.

Capital Flow is the main business administration’s platform in India, offering an assortment of administrations like trademark enrollment, business enlistment, assesses enlistment, impose Reporting and capital syndication. A Capital Flow can enable you to enlist a Design. The normal time taken to draft and record a plan enrollment application is around 10 - 15 working days, subject to government preparing time and customer archive accommodation. Get a free discussion on recording a plan enrollment application by planning a meeting with a Capital Flow Advisor.

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Investors are the lawful proprietors of the offers of an organization. Investors can be common people or corporate substances. They can likewise be NRIs or Foreign Nationals or Foreign Entities. Investors are the proprietors of a Company.



Chiefs of an organization are selected by the investors of an organization to deal with the issues of an organization. Executives are not proprietors of an organization. Nonetheless, Directors can likewise be investors and investors can likewise be Directors.


Articles of Association

The articles of the relationship of an organization characterize the rights and obligations of investors and Directors. Articles of Association of an organization can confine the offer move in a private constrained organization.

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Process for Share Transfer

Obtain share transfer deed in the prescribed format.Execute the share transfer deed duly signed by the Transferor and Transferee.


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share issue

Companies issue shares as a means of raising additional capital to fund business operations or take up new investments.